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Services I present to support clients

Delivering sense of urgency and operational changes
Management Support

Can you as a manager prove whether your organization has the right performance measures?

…or if the processes in use are well tuned and supported by the right technology?

How “real world” is your business model and can you trust what the crowd tells you?

Digital Impact

Could Big Data and Social Media be a real opportunity for your company?

…and if yes, will it require changes in our business model?

…and where are the low-hanging fruits and related Return on Investments?

Evaluation of Technologies

Once you decide for an initiative, how much does it take to find possible solutions in terms of technologies and systems?

…and which one of these solutions could be the best one for the company?

What are the key questions for vendors to evaluate their products, services and service orientation?

…and once the selection is almost done, what does it need to negotiate the best deal? 

Sales Force Effectiveness

Today’s Sales and Key Account Managers work in a digitalized world, governed by complex social iterations:

…how can all this be leveraged in education, strategy and tactics?

What are the key considerations to establish a successful Key Account Management program?

…and how can progress be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively? 

Change Management

Along with sense of urgency, successful change initiatives require mature tools and techniques, as well as the right team.

Team candidates’ selection is critical, but can be speeded up with project experience.

If social events are memorable throughout the initiative life cycle, the implementation will gain momentum and strong supporters.

…and when the change journey is initiated, how can the team be continuously coached? 

Process Support

Managing successful initiatives is a leadership undertaking: which tools and methodologies are just right for the scope?

…and when the going get tough, how to leverage team building and alignment at the right moment?

In today’s digital world, technology is just part of the game: what is the best way to launch systems and services?

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