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My Special Skills


  • Several years of experience in management consulting at executive level, playing the role of innovative idea generator around marketing & sales, sales force effectiveness, R&D and technology

  • Management experience, profit & loss responsibility and site management responsibility

  • Large experience in diverse aspects of operation management in consulting companies

  • Several years of experience in hiring, managing, motivating and developing coworkers

  • Several years of experience in markets’ approach and products’ launch (services, technologies, information management solutions)

  • Large experience in organizing innovative, „multi-stakeholder“ workshops

  • Broad knowledge of pharma business processes (research, drug development, marketing, multichannel marketing, brand management, stakeholder management, sales force effectiveness)

  • Broad knowledge of information management strategies

  • Special talent in building key competitive skills in environments with scarce resource availability

  • Several years of experience in national and international (global) management consulting, business development and customer relationship management

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