Very inspiring interview with Bill Maris on Google Ventures’ visionary future. Google directly targeting to help healthcare provision goes beyond the models we have in our minds today.

March 13, 2015

Google Ventures and the Search for Immortality


The cool learning for us as consultants is that:


a) indeed, we can help on execution, but we can also help – and this is what clients need first – in developing an innovative climate, fostering ideas and concretize those


b) since almost everything Google Ventures touches is damned to succeed, we can find a mountain of opportunities at the intersection of technology and large data sets: skills like understanding of technology, data integration and analytics are a “must-have” for consultants of any discipline


c) using the basics (e.g.) Google and Apple are building, there is plenty of room to add amazing intellectual property to better serve industries, processes, service provision


d) protecting privacy and respecting regulations will be key factors independently from the business model; and here again we can help.


As a bottom line, “extending life” is also in our interest as consultant: imagine how much more exciting projects will we be able to support by leaving 30-50 years longer!


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