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What are the key insights to consider in building a digital strategy for healthcare providers?

This eBook offers a good overview.

Even if some topics are US focused, basic insights are well applicable in Europe too.

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Here are some of the interesting insights and tactics detailed in "A Marketer’s Guide to the Empowered Healthcare Consumer":

  • Which 12 simple steps can I take right now to power up my healthcare marketing?

  • 72% of internet users now search for health information online: how can I make sure I’m there when their searches begin?

  • How can the recent boom in personal fitness, wellness, and medical technology give marketers a competitive edge?

  • Why it’s critically important for healthcare marketers to monitor their online reputations?

  • How will a rise in alternative practices influence the healthcare marketplace?

  • Which are the powerful new marketing channels and how can I get the most out of those?

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