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Do not screw up your buyer persona profiles!

Despite the recognized importance of contents in our digital era, 88% of marketers do not believe they can target the right audience with relevant content.

Within the top 5 reasons for this fear, we find issues strongly related to buyer persona profiles, like:

  • lack of content specifically developed for target audience

  • lack of relevance of content <for target audience>

  • difficulty in reaching the right decision makers with <the appropriate> content …

  • ... through the right distribution channel.

If we relate these findings with the situation where only 43% of companies claim to understand buyer journey and to adapt marketing mix in accordance, we can detect a disturbing storyline.

In many companies, buyer persona profiles and buyers’ journeys (if at all existent) are definitively of sub-optimal quality! And this generate a chain reaction impacting

  • appropriateness and relevance of content,

  • identification of decision makers

  • and of their preferred information channel.

Scrolling to the bottom of the Infographic, some best practices for marketers try to offer a cure for the disappointing situation. While being acceptable as common understanding, these best practices lack – in my opinion – a very key success factor.

High-quality buyer persona profiles and buyers’ journeys are not resulting from internal meetings between sales and marketing (or whoever thinks to have something to say).

High-quality buyer persona profiles and buyers’ journeys can only result from intensive primary research: talking with customers, with not-yet-customers and with once-lost customers is key to precision.

Within the framework of an integrated digital-marketing plan, there is an opportunity to approach buyer persona profiles and buyers’ journeys in a structured, comprehensive manner, continuously revise those, and learn.

Lorenzo Nanetti helps companies transform marketing, sales & service for digital age. Contact Lorenzo at or

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